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The company TEXNOIKAT [Engineers: N. GALANIS – K. LINTZERAKOS – V. MICHALOPOULOS] is active during the last decade in the domain of public and private works construction.
The company owns the building plot in St George. It cooperates with the Volos Technical Company of Studies and Constructions of Engineers S. Samaras and Ch. Georgiadis (located in Nea Ionia, Volos, 97 Maiandrou Street / Tel. +30-24210-67991, Fax +30-24210-91023). The afore-mentioned company is particularly experienced in the traditional type of construction used in the area of Mount Pelion. The first house of this 11 houses lot in St George has been already constructed 2 years ago (see photos below). It is possible to be visited by whoever may be interested in the specific technique of construction, and wishes to verify the external and internal aspects and details, as well as the details and the quality of the construction materials.