The village of St George of Nilea (in Greek, Aghios Gheorgios) has a history of more than 400 years and is\ located in Western Pelion, between two gentle slopes covered by luxuriant vegetation: fruiters, olive trees,
platans, beeches, chestnut trees, walnuts, and others. St George is the highest village of Pelion, at an altitude of 620 m. Cobblestone pavements, public stone-built faucets and quite a few renovated mansion-houses, archontiko in Greek (among them those of the Ioannidis, Derelis and Triantafillou families) are the characteristic aspects of this particularly charming village.

The Church of St George –rebuilt four times– with its remarkable Ecclesiastic Museum, the Temple of St Athanassios (1795, the first edifice created by the selfmade architect Dimos Zipaniotis, known for its stone anaglyphs), the Church of the Holy Marie (1744, one of the oldest ecclesiastic monuments), and the sublime Monastery of the Archangels, which dates back to the Byzantine era (1309) and is famous for its woodcut channel screen, are only a few samples of the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the village. St George of Nilea was among the biggest and wealthiest villages of Mount Pelion. The neoclassical style of many of its edifices is graciously combined with the local folk architecture and makes it a particular case in the whole region.

The village is a few minutes away from Pinakates (5 minutes), Vizitsa (7 minutes) and Milies (10 minutes). The fishermen village and now also cosmopolitan resort of Kato Gatzea, famous for its beautiful beach and equipped with a small marina, is just 15 minutes away. Only 20 minutes is the time needed to visit the coastal hamlet of Malaki, known for its long beach and animpressive cavern next to it. At same distance is the village of Kala Nera, which is proposing its lovely beaches, but also an equitation center. The legendary old small locomotive connecting the city of Volos and Mount Pelion, called Mountzouris (“Grease Monkey”) by the locals, is functioning again, offering the thrills of a bygone era as it climbs up the gorgeous slopes and arrives to a nearby location.
The distance between St George and Athens is 280 km, covered within 3 hours, while Thessalonica is only 200 km away – just 2 hours drive. Within the next 4 years, time of completion of a series of big public works modernizing the road network, the time necessary to reach St George from Athens or Thessalonica will be further diminished by 20 to 35 minutes. 25 minutes on an asphalt roadway is all what is necessary to reach the known skiing center of Chania (at an altitude of 1.500 meters), while the owners of “off the road” vehicles will have the chance to enjoy a shorter, rugged but breathtaking path of 15 km. St George can of course be reached with public transport as well: there are frequent regular bus services (KTEL) connecting the nearby city of Volos with Athens, Thessalonica and many other Greek cities. Athens is also connected to Volos by the trains of OSE from Athens – there are around 8 trains per day, two of them belonging to the Intercity class. From Volos there are frequent buses to St George each day, the year round.