The building plot that will host the 11 double-decked houses has a surface of 5.640 m2; it is austral-oriented, with an endless and unobstructed view to the Gulf of Pagasitikos. It lays on one of the two slopes of St George, and oversees the whole village. You will need just 7 minutes of foot-walk to reach the main square of St George, with its platans, faucets and coffee-shops where you can taste the tsipouro, the famous local drink. Along the building plot is passing a 6 meters wide asphalt road, included to the urban planning, which further on meets the main road axe connecting St George with the city of Volos. There is a second pedestrian path leading to the center of the village through a marvelous natural environment full of platans, walnuts, chestnut trees and running waters. Within the building plot 11 houses are constructed, each with a use parcel of 350 m2. An additional private use parcel of up to 150 m2 is attached to each house, destined for parking lots, pavilions, plantations, etc. That is to say, the total surface of each parcel is around 500 m2. There is the possibility for one or more, heated or not, swimming pools: a communal of 150 m2, or smaller ones (of around 30 m2), individual or shared by two households. The building plot is crossed by a privately owned road, constructed by our company. The 11 houses constructed belong to three variable types of the traditional Mount Pelion style:
–> House type A, with an arched bay window (Erker), and a total surface of 111 m2.
–> House type B, with a straight bay window (Erker), and a total surface of 113 m2.
–> House type C, with an angular bay window (Erker), and a total surface of 113 m2.
All the proposed variations, thanks to the pitch of the slope, are offering an unobstructed view towards the sea (Gulf of Pagasitikos) and the village. The houses are double-decked, offering 3 bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground floor, while the first floor is composed by the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and a WC. A further wooden loft may be also integrated in this area; the loft can easily host 1 double and 2 single beds, as well as 2 closets. The ceiling is wood-made, visible from the first floor area, while the roof is covered by the famous Mount Pelion stone slates.
All the houses are made of stone, with wooden floors. On the first floor, next to the entrance and the dining room, there is a veranda of around 15 m2. Covered parking lots, pavilions equipped with barbecue, traditional oven and dining area, etc., may also be attached to each house. The surrounding area is covered by stone slates from Syki of Mount Pelion, and leaves enough further space to eventually plant trees. The whole area is surrounded by a stone-made wall with wooden balustrade.